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Taking January 6 Seriously AND Literally

The beatings will continue until the vibes improve

This week on Politix, Matt and Brian discuss:

  • Was Joe Biden’s January 6 speech a good speech? (No spoilers.)

  • Was Joe Biden’s January 6 speech good politics? (No spoilers.)

  • Was Joe Biden’s January 6 speech true? (Spoiler: Yes.)

  • How the truth of what Biden said affects the question of whether liberals should support Nikki Haley in open-primary states.

  • Glenn Greenwald’s imputation that Haley is worse than Trump, and only Democratic party hacks would prefer her to him.

Plus, a Politix first: Twitter’s Will Stancil joins Matt and Brian as the show’s inaugural guest to discuss and debate the role of vibes in politics, and what if anything liberals, progressives, and Democrats can do to improve public opinion given the fractious nature of the center-left coalition. 

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Politix is a weekly podcast about the 2024 election from Brian Beutler, Matthew Yglesias, and some occasional guests. We’ll have some good-faith disagreement, some points of consensus, and an overall effort to focus on what’s really at stake in November. Subscribe for new episodes each Wednesday and listen wherever you get your podcasts.